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Meet Nic Nac Paddywack

So, who is Nic Nac Paddywack?

Nic Nac Paddywack, blogger at My Fabulous BoobiesNic Nac Paddywack is a smiley-faced writer who collects nicknames the way some women collect shoes. I'm joking... she collects pretty shoes too. And smiles... and journals... wait... what?

Nicole McLean, writes online as Nic Nac Paddywack. A survivor of stage 3a breast cancer, she blogs about her experience with breast cancer here at My Fabulous Boobies.

Diagnosed under 40, she falls into the category of "young women with breast cancer" and is also considered a young adult cancer survivor. She tends to look at her life in two parts:  before diagnosis and after. Young, African-American, childless, never married... but still hoping... she found that there were not a lot of cancer patients with her story at her cancer center or online. So, she had to be the voice that she wanted to find.

Blogging about her experiences in being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer began as a way to keep her family and friends updated on her progress. It quickly became the cathartic lifeline she needed to process her feelings about this traumatic experience.

After the end of her treatment she realized that her entire worldview had shifted. Life in the "new normal" was different and when her position ended at her job, she decided to continue following her passion, writing. She has become a vocal social media presence in the breast cancer community and continuously advocates for breast cancer awareness.

As open and honest (and silly) as her blog posts reveal, Nicole believes that life after cancer is challenging but beautiful.

Why is this blog called My Fabulous Boobies??

So... in case you missed it, Nicole enjoys good humor and laughter. If there is a chance to crack a joke or a smile, she's likely to take it. That might be why she writes as Nic Nac Paddywack... and it certainly is why she named her blog about breast cancer, "My Fabulous Boobies"

The devastation of learning that she had an advanced stage breast cancer and would have to lose her breast in order to save her life... was too much to bear without trying to find some humor to hang on to. She named the blog this tongue-in-cheek label to reassure herself and the people who loved her that she would be able to retain her sense of humor and her sense of self-worth through this trauma.

She learned after getting more involved with writing about her experience that some people are offended by the word boobies and are equally offended by humorous/non-serious approaches to such a horrible disease. There is no ill-intent with the naming of this blog or the humorous slant. It is purely a reflection of her personality. Loving yourself, loving your body (scars, amputations and all) is a mantra of her life and is reflected in her writing.

Now that we're besties (or soon will be)... 

You should keep clicking on stuff and reading. No really... click on that picture up top that you can't take your eyes off. You know the one.

If interested in contacting Nicole regarding business opportunities, please send an email regarding your needs or interest to:  fabulous.boobies (at) gmail.com

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