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Meet Nic McLean

Hi! I'm Nic. 


So, who is Nic? 

Nic is a smiley-faced breast cancer survivor and writer who collects nicknames the way some women collect shoes. Okay, I'm kidding. I totally collect pretty shoes too. And handbags. And smiles... and journals... wait... what were we discussing? Ha!

Welcome to My Fabulous Boobies. It is a lifestyle blog based on my journey through breast cancer. I am Nicole McLean (my friends call me Nic) and I am a young adult survivor of stage 3a breast cancer.

My journey with breast cancer


I was under 40 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer which places me in the category of "young women with breast cancer" and it also means that I am considered a young adult cancer survivor. I am now cancer-free and beyond the fearful 5-year period when cancer recurrence is most likely to occur. I tend to look at my life in two parts:  before diagnosis and after.

Young, African-American, childless, never married... but still hoping... when I was diagnosed I found that there were not a lot of other patients who looked like me or had a similar lifestyle. Most of the stories I saw online were older women, married women, grandmothers in many cases and very, very few (meaning almost none) were women of color. I didn't see many other black women at my cancer center either -- not my age group, nor older. To be honest, I felt pretty lonely dealing with all of this and there didn't seem to be many women that I felt comfortable enough to share all of my fears and concerns with.

I'm sure that the other women in the cancer center could understand my concerns about medications or treatment procedures... but who could I talk to about my hair issues? Or concerns about dating and sex? I shared with my friends but since they had not been through cancer... they could empathize but they didn't always understand and I felt badly for burdening them with my stuff. So... I started writing about it here on this blog. I ended up becoming the voice that I wanted to find.

As open and honest (and silly) as my posts may be at times, I believe that life after cancer is challenging but beautiful.

Why is this blog called My Fabulous Boobies??

The short answer is because I'm silly... but also because body image and self-esteem are two things that I struggled with along my journey with breast cancer. Before breast cancer, I would have never dared to say out loud that my breasts were fabulous. That would have been far too overt for me. However, after going through chemotherapy, a mastectomy, radiation treatment, breast reconstruction and a breast reductions... I've had more people looking at my naked boobs than should be allowed (for free...LOL).

The thought of losing my breast was so frightening and overwhelming that I had to hold on to the idea that when it was all over that I would still be fabulous. So... My Fabulous Boobies is my acknowledgment that despite the appearance of my breasts today, they are fabulous. Because I am Fabulous. Things that we deem fabulous, we hold in high regard. We take care of them. We protect them. We value them. Well... I feel that way about my breasts. And while I know that a lot of survivors do not opt for reconstruction, I feel that all of us (survivors and supporters) have to accept that our boobies are valuable. That they are precious. They are worth protecting and treating carefully. My boobies are fabulous... and so are yours.

As a breast cancer advocate, one of the things that I encourage all women and men to do is to recognize the value in being proactive about breast health. This blog is one source for true life stories about life as a survivor -- the mundane, the serious as well as the fun.

Nic Nac Paddywack/Nic McLean | My Fabulous Boobies
Nic after 3 months of chemotherapy

Loving yourself, loving your body (scars, amputations and all) is a mantra of my life and is reflected in my writing and my outlook about coping with breast cancer.

Blogger, speaker... and author!

Since starting the blog, I have become an active social media presence regarding breast cancer and survivorship issues, a public speaker, and recently I authored my first ebook. I am currently finishing up the second ebook and working on a full-length manuscript about being a young African-American single woman diagnosed with breast cancer.

Reclaim your Fabulousness! outlines the steps that I undertook to reset my internal vision of myself.  Reclamation of your personal strength and identity after a trauma like breast cancer is a hugely important aspect of surviving breast cancer and going foward with your life. Some survivors get stuck after they end treatment because they are so unsure of the future and afraid of recurrence. I believe that you can learn to balance that fear and concern with striving to reach your personal goals and dreams. But first, you have to reconnect with yourself. This book helps you to take that first step.

The book is for sale here:

Though the blog started as a communication between friends and family, it has grown into a strong voice within the breast cancer community and a popular lifestyle blog. Advances in science have increased the rates of survival for breast cancer diagnoses. More women than ever before are surviving breast cancer and left to figure out how to navigate the emotional, physical and financial challenges of life after breast cancer. My Fabulous Boobies is a voice for survivors and a window into life after breast cancer.

Now that we're friends... 

If interested in contacting me regarding business opportunities, please send an email regarding your needs or interest to:  fabulous.boobies (at)

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