About Nicole

So, who is Nic?

Nic, also known to some as Nic Nac Paddywack, is 
Nicole McLean is a breast cancer survivor and breast cancer blogger. Diagnosed under 40, she is a part of a relatively small number of women in the world diagnosed with breast cancer as a young woman.

Nicole started blogging as a way to keep her family and friends abreast of her progress through her treatment for stage 3a breast cancer. Shortly after she began her blog, the impact of her voice began to be felt beyond her immediate circle of friends and family. Writing about her experiences proved to be cathartic and provided Nicole with a way to stay connected to the world while she went through her treatment.

Now done with treatment, Nicole has decided to remain a visible presence and a voice for young black women who face this illness. Nicole is available to speak to groups (large and small) about her experience with breast cancer and is also a freelance writer.

If interested in contacting Nicole, please send an email regarding your needs or interest to:  fabulous.boobies@gmail.com

Nicole's mission is to remind young women that breast cancer can and does strike them. Black women are nearly 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than other groups. Nicole works to provide hope and inspiration for young women and their family and friends. Her message is that being proactive about your breast health is very important. And she wants to provide inspiration that life can continue and be just as good, if not better after a diagnosis of breast cancer.