Kathy Bates discusses her lymphedema... and I am here for it!

Finally, someone is taking this issue public! Yay for Kathy Bates. 

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Yassss! I was so excited to see this video clip of Kathy Bates discussing lymphedema on The Doctors Show. Finally someone was discussing a survivorship issue that so many of us have to deal with. Trying to explain to people why you wear sleeves (or what the sleeves are) can be tortuous sometimes. They understand that you had breast cancer but usually have never heard of lymphedema nor are aware that it can be an unfortunate side effect of undergoing a mastectomy.

Speaking for myself, I'm just not always in the right frame of mind (or location) to get into all of that. TSA agents aren't always cheerful when you're trying to explain that you're not wearing your fake tattoo sleeve just because you're a badass -- that it is actually for medical reasons and removing it is a pain in the butt. I digress.

I struggle with survivor's guilt because of this

Survivor's guilt is real. So is the divide in the breast cancer community.

This post is difficult to write. And yet, as soon as I read this article [Read: Only the weak die of Cancer] I was compelled to write down my thoughts. 

I am conflicted

The "us" vs. "them" divide within the breast cancer community is driving me out of my mind. And too often, into the bottom of a wine glass. I'm just keeping it real and honest.  In the years since I've been blogging about my journey with this disease, I've met a lot of wonderful metastatic patients and I've lost several friends to that disease. I've lost one aunt to breast cancer and another aunt just reached her 5 year mark after her second bout with breast cancer. I worry regularly when (or if) it will ever be my turn with stage IV breast cancer. I try to stay abreast of changes and gains in research and treatment regarding the disease.

I need some style! Looking for fashion to hide my lymphedema

Fashion styles to hide lymphedema | My Fabulous Boobies

I'm still on a quest to get my sexy all the way back... between constantly searching for hair looks to cope with my thinning, grow-slow hair... and my chunky "man-hands" lymphedema arm... I'm taking in all looks from all sources and trying to figure out who Nic will emerge as in 2015.

Will you watch The Book of Negroes?

#BookofNegroes Will you be watching?

BET (Black Entertainment Television) will be airing a mini-series that starts Monday, February 16, 2015; The Book of Negroes It is based on the book by the same name. Well, unless you're American like I am... then the book is titled, Someone Knows My Name