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I wrote my first book! Now you should buy it.

Reclaim Your Fabulousness!

My first ebook... ever! Eek!

OMG... I am entirely too excited right now. And a bit nauseated. If you've known me for longer than a minute, then you know that I've been writing forever. And I've been writing "a book" forever.

Yeah. That long.

 The truth is that I've started many books. But I haven't finished any of them. Well, not until now. This is my first book that I have completed.

The completion of this tiny handbook marks a great moment in my life. Completion of something that I started. I describe the book below, but suffice it to say... I'm entirely thrilled and happy and I hope that it helps a lot of people, the way that it helped me.

If you're feeling a bit stuck in your life... not feeling completely like the fabulous person you used to be... this book will help you.

You, my wonderful fabulous reader-friend... know that I believe in you, like I believe in myself. If I can find my way out of the blah-ness and back into FABULOUSNESS,  then I know you can too.

Let's get it.


Over the years since my diagnosis, I've struggled to maintain my feeling of "me" that I felt was lost during the two years I was being treated for this disease. I was thrust into a world that I didn't know, with language I didn't understand and a lot of very frightening medications, surgeries and treatments... all to save my life.

I went from a relatively happy-go-lucky girl looking for love and searching for the courage to write books... to a very sick young woman who lost the ability to have children, lost a breast, lost some hair, lost a relationship... I lost ME somewhere along the way. The medical team treated the breast cancer and then said "Good luck with the rest of your life". But I had no idea who I was anymore, or what I had been fighting against this disease for.

I was alive... but I had no idea who I was or what I could look forward to.

This book, Reclaim Your Fabulousness! outlines the steps that I took to get back to who I was and who I wanted to be. Everything in this book was something that I actually did for myself to get to where I am today... a confident, excited-about-my-life-again, breast cancer survivor.

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Fight Insomnia: Take A Nap!

You don't have to suffer from insomnia

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links, this blog will earn a commission. 

When I was in active treatment (chemotherapy, various surgeries and radiation treatment), I napped frequently. My oncology team pushed hard against the cancer in my breast and because of the aggressiveness of my treatment I was simply exhausted. I think I fell in love with naps during that time.

I slept a lot. I mean a whole lot. It reminded me of my teen years when I could sleep for hours upon hours all the time. Those of you who have kids, probably know the signs of a cranky kid who is tired and in need of a nap. I believe that its not much different when you're an adult.

Fatigue and insomnia can be side effects of breast cancer treatment

To be honest, even years after my treatment has ended, I'm still fighting issues with fatigue. I haven't been diagnosed with chronic fatigue but lord knows I'm tired. So very tired. But my tired body doesn't match my active mind and I often just push myself to keep going -- writing, reading, researching... playing games on facebook (oops!) -- long after I should have shut down my computer and just closed my eyes.

That's a terrible thing to do to yourself. As a result, my sleep pattern is completely jacked up. I often write late at night into the early morning and then try to keep going through the day... as though I did sleep 8 hours.

C.O. Bigelow

You can't fool your body

You know what my body does in retaliation? It will SNATCH a nap for me. It is the most ridiculous thing. I'll be bumping along online or with my nose in a book or pdf... and then POW! Next thing I know its 3 hours later and I'm waking up wondering what the hell happened.

My body can be so dang disrespectful! It just TAKES the sleep it wants. 

Working from home is part of my problem

I know that it happens because I'm undisciplined about my sleep habits since I work at home. My schedule is my own and so... I'm disrespectful to it and to myself. I work when I want to and for as long as I'd like. Please don't think that's admirable because it surely is not. When you're staring at a computer for 10, 12 hours a day -- sometimes more than that -- you're being disrespectful to yourself.

Let me repeat that for the people in the cheap seats:  If you're staring at a computer for 10, 12 hours a day (or more) you're being disrespectful to yourself. Your body needs rest. Get some. 

Don't do what I do... please don't. And if you already do... STOP IT! Treat your body with care.

Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs

I just wanted to drop a bug in your ear that... you should listen to your body and give it the proper rest. Yes, I know you have things to do and stuff on your mind. Bills to pay and kids to feed. I know this. I also know that running yourself into the ground doesn't help anyone. Even though I don't have children and I'm not married (though I do have a wonderful boyfriend)... I still need to be more respectful to myself for myself and for him and my family.

This week I'm going back to taking my melatonin pills so that I can sleep like normal people do. Although it feels counterproductive, I know that it is actually the best thing I can do for myself - to get back on a regular sleep schedule.

Since its a new year and I'm energized to accomplish a lot this year (I've got aggressive goals to hit), getting my sleep pattern in order so that I can get some good rest is part of what I have to do for me. So that I can do all the other things that I want.

Insomnia is really NOT good for you

If you are a breast cancer survivor (or perhaps you've been under a tremendous amount of stress), know that insomnia and fatigue go hand in hand. If you're not sleeping at night, you're going to move through the day exhausted. Your thinking will be fuzzy and you are likely to be a moody mess towards the people around you. Insomnia can trigger depression and also it makes your body more susceptible to infections and illnesses -- again, because you're exhausted. I know that sleep often feels like a luxury you can't afford, but trust me on this... you NEED sleep. Its not a game.

You have to consciously work to break the cycle of insomnia. Your body requires sleep so that it can rejuvenate itself. Plus, when you're tired... you won't look like as good as you can.  (I'm just being honest). When I've had a hard week... not only do I feel bad, I look terrible. And I'm far too vain to run through life looking haggard. I'm cute. So, melatonin to the rescue.

Judging from the activity on my Facebook page, quite a few of my friends suffer from insomnia too. I have a few suggestions to help all of us to shake this bad habit.

3 Signs of insomnia (from the Living Beyond Breast Cancer site):

  1. Trouble sleeping most nights 
  2. Lying awake in bed for hours without sleeping, or falling asleep quickly but waking up during the night and having trouble falling asleep again 
  3. You rarely feel refreshed or well rested when you wake

9 Steps you can take to get the proper rest:

  1. Set a regular time to go to bed. Same time every night. That will help to regulate your body clock and it will put you into a rhythm where your body prepares itself for sleep. 
  2. Use your bed as a place to rest, not an extension of your office. (I am super guilty of this) But no books, computers... not even your cellphone. Let your bed be the place where you rest and where you're intimate with your lover. Nothing more. (No fretting... you can get a LOT out of just those two things) 
  3. Don't lie there tossing and turning. If you can't sleep, get out of bed and do something relaxing (have a cup of tea, watch some television, take a warm bath)... when you feel tired, then go to bed and try again. 
  4. Take a nap sometimes. Naps are so beautiful. In college my friends and I would call a quick snooze before class or a party a "disco nap"... a quick 30 minute nap to refresh yourself and get energized for the rest of the day. (set your alarm so that you don't sleep too long) 
  5. Go for a walk or run daily (or be sure to do some type of exercise daily). Your body needs to move regularly and a good workout can tire you out enough that you get a good night's sleep. Even a quick 20-30 minute walk will do you wonders. 
  6. Talk to your tribe/support team. Y'all know I am a strong advocate for creating your own tribe for support and using them as necessary. When you're going through insomnia issues, your tribe can be a source of strength. If you need to talk through some concerns you're having (that may be keeping you awake), your tribe should be there for you. If you don't have a tribe... join the My Fabulous Boobies tribe on Facebook. Or call the LBBC Breast Cancer Hotline (888) 753-LBBC (5222) and talk to someone who has been there and understands what you're dealing with. 
  7. Try a non-prescription sleep aid. I take melatonin when I need to sleep. But there are other over the counter drugs that can help you get the sleep that your body craves. 
  8. Talk to your doctor about your sleep issues. There may be an interaction or side effect with your medication/treatment that is causing your insomnia. 
  9. Create a bedtime ritual that soothes you and prepares your mind and body for sleep. I am a big tea drinker. Some nights when I can't sleep, I'll have a cup of tea... sit on the couch with my favorite blanket and catch a good movie on cable or write in my journal. It helps to relax my mind.

Insomnia isn't the end of the world... but you and I both can do a lot better. In case you don't realize how you might act when your body is exhausted and a nap could save you... check out my young friends below. 

PS. You may read in other articles that taking a nap is not wise if you're suffering from insomnia. While I'm no doctor or sleep specialist... I say... PFFFFT!! If you're tired and you know it, take a nap. Your body might take one for you if you're not careful. 

To try the things that I use to help me with my insomnia, click below:

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Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact

Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact | My Fabulous Boobies

I love Kendrick Lamar!

Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact | My Fabulous Boobies

I just have to get that out there, right up front because I am a big fan of this young man's music. For an "old school" chick, I've been a fan for awhile... to the youngsters, I was late. (smiles) Either way... I became a fan the FIRST time I heard him perform.

In the few years that I've been following him, I've become more mesmerized by his growth as an artist, his work ethic and the fact that he works with a purpose. He doesn't seem to be in the music game just because he wants to be popular and make a lot of money -- though that is happening at an exponentially rapid pace -- but he has stories to tell.

Stories to tell... 

That's the part that makes his music, for me, perfectly splendid. Each song is a complete story on its own. And his first album was actually like an audio version of a novel or a movie. He set the scenes with each song and the interludes and each song was like a new chapter in the story. It was (is) fantastic.

I love this young man's music. 

Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact | My Fabulous Boobies

His last first album came out a couple of years ago now and fans have been waiting for awhile for the new album to drop. As a writer and creative, I feel sort of badly because I know that you can't always rush the muse. She comes when she comes and sometimes your ideas may not come together as easily as you hoped. That said... I'm ravenous for new music.

So far, he's dropped one single... " i " and I loved it. It is upbeat and expressive. It has a different edge to it from his previous music. It shows a lot of growth to me...

But this post is about the new song "Untitled" that he performed on The Colbert Report in December. As the show's last musical guest... he sent it off with fireworks. The song is amazing. I had to watch the video a few times, closing my eyes after awhile just to listen to the story... and wow. He blew me away.

Untitled ... pure genius

The song is a conversation where he contrasts the worldview of minorities in America with the worldview of the majority (white people). I think it would be fair to say that he's really contrasting the views of capitalists (the recording industry specifically) versus others with much less capital (namely the artists). But it works.

Why the song resonates for me

I'm a writer. And as a writer who is working alone, I have all the autonomy I need to create when and how I want. But I often consider how things would change if I worked for someone else, or had a traditional publishing house working with my manuscripts. When someone else is cutting the checks, you have to dance the way they want you to. Kendrick references putting his own price on his talent and cashing out for himself. He references shooting himself into a rocket ship and aiming for the stars.

Kendrick Lamar... new song, great impact | My Fabulous Boobies

In this world we're in today, the ability for any one of us to be our own creator, publisher, distributor and marketing team cheaply means that more of us are able to start our own businesses and chase our own dreams. And earn money directly from our own efforts. That part is fantastic. It is a lot of work being on your own, and there is a lot to learn besides the skills you have to create your masterpieces. But it is possible to build your own empire. The more that I watch others build their own business empires on their own terms... the more confidence I have in what I'm doing here.

What started as one quiet blog for friends and family members... is growing into all the dreams I ever had of owning and running my own business. It is hard work but I won't change any part of it. As a breast cancer survivor, for a long time I thought that other survivors were somehow more special than I was because they came through the storm with new energy and new purpose and seemed to just take on the world. I didn't feel that way. But as I talked to more and more survivors, I realized that I wasn't the only one struggling with bills and trying to find a way to live the life of my dreams... while keeping myself going in this new normal life.

It finally dawned on me that writing was the way for me to follow my dreams. It may be something different for you, but I feel confident that we all can map out a path to our own greatness. Listening to Kendrick reminds me of the possibilities. A kid from Compton has become the world's greatest rapper (arguably). If he can believe that and achieve it... then surely I can believe that a young woman who survived breast cancer can become an award-winning writer. An internet sensation. Or something like that.

Its a new year, time to put a price on my talent and shoot for the stars.

Put a price on my talent, I hit the bank and withdraw
Hit the bank and withdraw, hit the bank and withdraw
Put myself in the rocket ship and I shot for the stars

let's connect-brown

(where we discuss the breast cancer life)
(where I discuss any and everything!)
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What do Lemons and Boobies Have In Common?

What do lemons and boobies have in common? | My Fabulous Boobies

What do lemons and boobies have in common? 

Nothing... except neither is perfect and both can be lumpy and bumpy. Despite what you may see on television. But looking at one can help you understand what might be unhealthy in the other. Lemons, amazingly enough, look a lot like breasts (boobies) and can be useful visual aids to help understand breast health.

Boobies, like lemons, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We're not all symmetrical and perfect looking. You can have non-perfect boobies and be healthy.

Let me repeat that:  You can have non-perfect boobies and be healthy. 

The thing to keep in mind is to watch for changes. If you've never had anything noticeable about your breasts and then one day the booby is looking different (feels hot to the touch, is reddened, is hard), or maybe there's a lump, or maybe the skin is dimpling, or perhaps there's a discharge from your nipple, etc. -- and these changes don't go away after a few days or weeks -- then you need to call someone and have things checked out.

Tip:  If things feel different then just take a moment to call your doctor and let them know your concerns and ask for an immediate appointment. 

Visual aids rock!

What do lemons and boobies have in common? | My Fabulous Boobies

I saw this great picture on twitter and was immediately struck by how great it is as a visual tool to show the different ways that breast cancer can possibly look in your breasts.

Keep in mind... sometimes you don't see anything and you may still have breast cancer. There may be no physical signs at all. That is where trusting your gut intuition and having a mammogram come into play.

I met a wonderful sister when I did the BET breast cancer promotional video a few months ago who was a survivor that had no outward signs of breast cancer. She felt it in her gut and pressed her doctor to check -- and she was right. Breast cancer (early stage) was present in both breasts. She had a double mastectomy and is now a bright beacon of breast cancer awareness. Your intuition is a valuable tool. Check out Shondia's story here: Bold and Breastless

But, sometimes there are physical changes that are a signal that something is wrong. If you see changes like these in your breasts and the changes stick around for awhile... it is a good time to see your physician and have your breasts checked out.

Protect your health, check your breasts monthly

Every now and then, I get reluctant to discuss monthly self-exams. There is so much discussion online & in the news about whether or not it is a good thing to do monthly breast self-exams or if its overkill. While I understand the concerns that have been brought up about the anxiety about checking your breasts and since it is not a fool-proof way to discover cancer in your breast I can see how some people might feel like its not necessary.

But then, there's me. I'm the outlier who stands as a reminder that checking your breasts works. I'm just a girl who happened to have a great professor who was a breast cancer survivor... and that professor made breast cancer awareness real for me. Because I respected her and admired her story, I made it my business to keep in mind that checking my breasts was a good thing. I checked my breasts one day - same as I'd done for many years - and that time I felt something different. After tests and clinical exams and sonograms and MRI's and mammograms and biopsies...

What do lemons and boobies have in common? | My Fabulous Boobies

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer just a few weeks after my 39th birthday. 

Statistically, the chances of that happening are really small. Under 30. No family history. No breast cancer gene. African American. There aren't a lot of women like me out there. One is too many and there are definitely far more young sisters fighting breast cancer diagnoses.

I've been through a lot.

Six months after my diagnosis, I lost my breast. And that was after 4 months of chemotherapy. After putting my ovaries to sleep so that I could try to preserve my fertility -- because I had not started my family yet -- I emerged from treatment and I was in menopause. All in all, I spent over 2 years being treated for breast cancer. I lost a breast, lost my hair, lost my fingernails and my toenails. Lost a lot of weight. I spent a lot of time in the hospital because my immune system was so weak. I had a few surgeries. I had my breast reconstructed. I developed lymphedema and had to undergo physical therapy for months to get the range of motion back in my arm after my mastectomy and reconstruction.

What do lemons and boobies have in common? | My Fabulous Boobies
I've been through a lot BUT I made it through. And I'm grateful for that.

The earlier that breast cancer is caught, diagnosed and treated... the better the results and the more treatable the cancer is. Again, there are no guarantees but early detection helps tremendously.

So, its your choice whether to check your breasts or not each month. And statistically, you're not likely to get breast cancer at this point in your life. More women don't have breast cancer than do. My readership is relatively young and while the truth is that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime... most of those women will not be under 40. It can happen. It does happen. I have an entire circle of friends that it happened to -- so its real.

And yet.... here I am. A survivor.

The choice is yours. As for me... I'm glad that I had a professor who respected me enough as a young woman (with everything on my mind except breast cancer or my health) to share her story and encourage me to be concerned about my breast health. Before her, no one else had really given it much thought to share the information with me because they thought I was too young to worry about such things.

Turned out that her faith in my concern for my life was not in vain. That is why I share with you. So that you know that someone out here is concerned about your health and wants you to be concerned too.

If you liked this post, please share it with your social networks. Spreading the word about breast cancer awareness is why I'm here.  Click the share button of your choice to the left and remind your friends.


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Figuring out what to do with leftover turkey

I need ideas and suggestions for leftover turkey dishes.

This Christmas I cooked the holiday dinner for my parents and my boyfriend. Nobody got sick or anything... so I guess it turned out alright. However, now I have a ton of leftover turkey. For the past couple of days, I've wanted NOTHING with turkey in it. But, now that a few days have passed, I'm ready to venture into the kitchen again and see what I can figure out.

I'm not much of a cook. Well... that's not the total truth. I cook just fine. I just don't really enjoy it the way many others do.

I love to eat. I like watching cooking shows and looking through (and collecting) cookbooks. But actually standing in the kitchen?

Meh. I can pass on that.

But... since I'm greedy resourceful... I've been thinking of different ways to use up the remaining portions of this giant turkey I roasted the other day. In the past, when I cooked more often and enjoyed it more... I would use leftover turkey or chicken and create a pot pie or a big pot of soup. Usually either one of those dishes, paired with a nice salad would be enough to bring me joy. But I want to do those... and then some other ones too.

Off the top of my head... these are the simple dishes I want to create:

  • grilled cheese sandwich with turkey and cranberry sauce
  • turkey and wild rice soup
  • turkey pot pie (this is the BEST way to use leftover turkey to me)
  • turkey enchiladas 
I scrolled through pinterest for some recipe ideas and came across quite a few that seem great!You can follow my "Leftover Turkey Recipes" board for even more ideas.

I'm hanging at the boyfriend's this weekend, so I'll be sure to use my new Panhandler bag to transport whatever I come up with.

Share with me your tips for using leftover turkey after the holidays. I need some help. I'm going to be eating turkey well into the new year. 


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(where I discuss any and everything!)
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The Real Life "Olivia Pope" is a BEAST... "The Interview" still went on

Background:  Just in case you missed this whole debacle with Sony Pictures and North Korea... and racism and email hacks... whew. Here's my 20-second summation of what happened. 

Some douchebags creative geniuses came up with a movie premise that was supposed to be a comedy. In the movie, The Interview, the two main characters run a tabloid tv show and they get an opportunity to interview the leader of North Korea. However, they are asked by the US government to turn their interview opportunity into an assassination.

So... in real life... the real leader of North Korea was none too happy about those types of Hollyweird Hollywood shenanigans and asked that the movie be tanked. Then he casually threatened some sort of problems if Sony refused to comply. Being Americans... they chose to chase those dollars and thumb their nose at a sitting leader of North Korea. AND... with due hilarity and embarrassment, North Korea made sure to follow through with their objections by hacking into the Sony Pictures computer system and release a bunch of racist, rude, obnoxious emails by the leadership of the company.

Now... the emails ranged from calling Angelina Jolie a brat to talking about Kevin Hart being a whore for money... and so on. Most of the hacked emails showed a clear propensity for racial stereotyping, general distrust of any minority as a lead in a motion picture and an overall attitude of "we're better than EVERYBODY because we're white and we make movies."

Yeah... it was BAD. And hilariously funny to me.

As a black woman, hell... its been clear for a long time that Hollyweird Hollywood ain't got much love for black folks or even women. The same tired lines about how black lead characters don't sell internationally and how women-led films aren't much better... have been thrown out for a few decades now. Meanwhile, all the douchiest sublimely ridiculous movies get made regularly. To see the leaked messages splashed all across the internet was confirmation for all of us. What you initially only guessed and surmised... you got to see in black and white print.

It. Was. Epic.

While the country is in the throes of terrible racial tensions over far too many dead black bodies in the streets at the hands of police, getting concrete proof in at least one place that some white folks are truly racist as hell and are doing all that they can to hold back other people... well, for me... it was deeply funny. Because black people have been catching hell for a long time and people are really fed up. Funny because we're NOT crazy and we clearly see the patterns around us even if people keep telling us that we're tripping.

Caught up now on the background. 

So... after North Korea threatened physical violence against the movie theaters if they decided to show the film, almost all of the movie theaters caved and refused to show the film. Where this one was basically set to become a blockbuster -- it was scheduled to appear on about 3000 screens across the nation, opening on Christmas day -- Sony snatched it from release. Claimed that they were worried about putting customers in danger.

Not sure if I believe that... but okay. Let's pretend that they care. And not that they were caught with their pants around their ankles, feeling embarrassed because they alienated all of their big money makers with unnecessarily ugly rants about them.

How about... our President decided to jump into the fray and basically called Sony some cowards for caving to the pressure of North Korea? Sony clapped back and then... in the boss move of all boss moves....

They hired Judy Smith! 

The woman whose life was the inspiration for Olivia Pope of Scandal. Wicked smart move there.

ICYMI:  Sony Just Hired The Real Olivia Pope To Help With Its PR Disaster

The real life Olivia Pope is a beast. How do you switch the narrative about a possibly racist, definitely in poor taste movie about the sitting leader of another nation? Simple. You change the conversation around it. Instead of being focused on how disrespectful it is to treat another nation's leadership like a joke (which results in your computer system being hacked and all your racist/rude commentary being exposed to the public)... you make it a patriotic movement to watch it.

"Go see The Interview because... freedom of speech"...

Sony decided to release the movie despite the threats from North Korea (they made a casual statement basically implying that we could expect some 9/11 level carnage if the film was shown). It has now because an issue of patriotism and protecting our freedom of speech to watch this ridiculous film. Since less than 300 theaters agreed to show it, Sony has decided to offer it on streaming sources, like Netflix concurrently with the theater release. Again... cuz... patriotism means that you want to see Americans make jokes about assassinating a current world leader.

Now... we're going to ignore the part of this miserable shift in tactics that implies that this movie has anything to do with freedom of speech. Because... this has nothing to do with that right. Freedom of speech only means that in this country you have the right to speak out against the government without the government retaliating for that. It has nothing to do with the consequences of whatever slander you choose to level at someone else -- or some other country. And while it isn't cool that North Korea basically threatened to eviscerate innocent people who wanted to see this miserable movie... considering that they warned the leadership of Sony months ago, really makes me wonder just how far people will go to make a buck.

We're also going to ignore the fact that if North Korea had made a similar film about assassinating our President, I don't think we'd be good sports about it and telling those people to just go see the comedy film. You know... cuz its just jokes!

Judy Smith is good. Sony? Kinda wack to me.

That girl is good. Completely genius. I'm still not going to see (never was) but you've got to love this movement. Watch Sony figure out how not to lose $45M AND get permission from the public to continue to antagonize world leaders in the name of humor.

The email leaks showed an underbelly to the film industry that I really had not considered existing. And the creation, execution and marketing of this film really solidify for me that people don't care about you if they can't make a dollar off of you. Unfortunate really.

But wait... there are more questions

Can anyone explain this conundrum to me?How is it soooo difficult to get a movie greenlit with a black lead -- because THAT won't sell worldwide -- yet it is completely possible to spend almost $50M creating a movie that denigrates and suggests assassinating the leader of another nation? A leader who is a minority?

We can't lift up our own minority lead actors because we think the world won't approve of their presence, even though around the world many, perhaps most other countries have minority leadership and are accustomed to seeing minorities in positions of leadership. But we will totally denigrate minority leadership of another nation because we feel entitled to do that. We won't be denied the right to be rude and disrespectful to you... if it will earn a buck.

Are minorities best served as side kicks and punchlines in America? Real question...

Is it really totally valuable that the leader of a minority nation is fair game for ridicule? To the point where we're "joking" about assassinating him? Is that really what's funny in the world?

I'm no fan of N. Korea to be clear. But I find the entire situation quite chuckleworthy.

I am amazed at how quickly Judy Smith turned this situation around. I am deeply saddened that she had to... and I think I'm even more sad that she's so skilled and talented that she got things changed in few days.

How absolutely sick is that? America... we've got to wake up and do better.

let's connect-brown

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Why do I talk about breast cancer to millenials? Because they care.

Why do I talk about breast cancer to millenials? Because they care | My Fabulous Boobies

Someone recently asked me about the demographics of my blog. They wanted to know whether or not I had followers who were considered millenials. My initial response (in my head) was... ABSOLUTELY! DAMN RIGHT! I DON'T DISCRIMINATE! I TALK TO EVERYONE!

Yes... I was cap-typing in my head because I was yelling in my mind. Don't act like y'all don't know how I do... 

But, I paused for a second and thought about it... yes, I have a strong millenial following and yes, I speak to them directly about breast cancer. However, because I am a nerd and I like to be sure and not just guessing... I researched the specifics about who millenials were and then looked at my demographics. Millenials are an interesting group. They have big hearts, optimistic outlooks and ideas for change.

Read: What is a Millenial?  and  Amid the stereotypes, here are some facts about millenials

I have a millenial following, which may surprise a lot of people because of my topic. But it shouldn't... here's why.

Why millenials follow my blog and are concerned about breast cancer:

  • They know someone who has had breast cancer. Moms, sisters, grandmothers, aunties, friends, neighbors, co-workers, teachers/professors... breast cancer strikes women (and men) in every walk of life. At any given moment. 
  • They're just as afraid of breast cancer as older women are. And they should be. Millenials will not always be the "babies" of the world. They look to us older folks for a lot of information and direction -- even if they don't seem to take it in. They are paying attention.
  • Millenials are action-oriented. Millenials get a bad rap about being slightly lazy and very entitled. As a Gen-X'er... I'll take some of the blame for that. We've told them all the things they are able to do, entitled to have and how wonderful they are... for their entire lives. To set them free in the world and not expect them to have high expectations of the world is crazy. The world hasn't lived up to the hype though and that's not their fault. But if you sit back and look around... Millenials are amazing and they're getting shit done. In real ways; just not in the same ways that we did things. They are very attentive and many are determined to set the world on fire with their ideas and actions. I'm proud of them for that. 
  • Millenials get breast cancer too. And they are just as afraid and just as angry as the rest of the world about that. 

I sincerely believe that how the millenial generation chooses to handle this disease (like all the other world maladies) is going to be amazing. They're watching all of us, they're using technology to their advantage and they are changing the world. I wouldn't be surprised if a millenial finds a cure for cancer. They are just that amazing.

Not that long ago, I was a young college student learning about my breast health and discussing breast cancer with a survivor who was also my professor. I know that seeds planted on fertile soil will grow up into strong supporters of the advocacy around this disease.

I have a millenial heart... honestly

I've considered myself to be similar to a female version of Peter Pan most of my adult life. "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid" has been my silent mantra. For me, it is mostly an unconscious attraction to using technology to learn and absorb information and to connect with friends and family as well as a deeply empathetic heart. I don't seek it, it just makes sense. I've been "doing" social media long before it had a name and was a movement. I've been using the internet as a way to connect with people and build friendships and communities for decades now. I was a millenial in spirit, long before that was an idea at all. Which makes me a pretty strange Gen X'er. My feet and mind are in both worlds. I translate from one world to another... actually I translate between 3 generations because Baby Boomers don't understand any of us.

I was a young woman with breast cancer. Millenials are young men and women who care about the world and know that breast cancer is a devastating disease. They want to see all of us thrive and live.

Millenials care. I will not ever ignore that demographic because other people think they're too young or too self-absorbed to care. I know that they care. Because they tell me that they do. And I believe them.

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