Dec 18, 2014

Fabulous Holiday Smiles, Oral B and Target!

Take care of your health by taking great care of your teeth

I love smiling!  Isn't that goofy? But it is entirely too true.

I love, love, love smiling. And, as luck would have it... I've got a pretty splendid smile too.

I mention this because as I was preparing to hang out with my boyfriend and some friends recently for a holiday get together, I smiled at the thought of my new Oral B Pro-Health 3000 toothbrush.

I know... goofy again. Hey... I gotta be me! And this girl loves her smile. So does my guy. That matters a lot to me.

I am a huge fan of electric toothbrushes because they make life easier. The Oral B Pro-Health 3000 is tremendously helpful.

How great is this toothbrush?

You know how your dentist encourages you to brush for 2 minutes? And you know how you probably brush for 30 seconds? Yeah... well, this toothbrush makes it easy for you to get the full 2 minutes of brushing in. There is a warning mechanism that lets you know when you move to a new section of your teeth. It goes off every 30 seconds. Kind of shocking the first time it happens... the toothbrush sort of stutters a bit and that is your signal to move to the next quadrant of your mouth. A-may-zing!

I'm kind of particular about my teeth and this toothbrush leaves your teeth feeling just great and really clean! Do you see those bristles? They are fantastic. (Look, I know it may be goofy that I'm so excited but dangit... teeth matter! And beautiful smiles don't just happen.) They cross around and scrub your teeth just right. After the first brushing... I sat down and just ran my tongue over my teeth over and over. They felt super clean. Made me wonder what I'd been doing wrong before. Then I just accepted that this toothbrush was amazing. And I'm good with that.

Target is my shopping happy place

I am a huge fan of Target too. Super-huge in fact. So huge I call it "Tar-jay"... (sounds like bouquet). I want you to slide over to Target and look for this toothbrush. Seriously. It is a great last minute gift, even for yourself. Its on sale right now... and I have a link to a $20 off coupon too.

Get $20 off your purchase of the Oral-B Pro-Health 3000 at

You may not be as into teeth and smiles as I am, but if you want a great gift idea... or a special treat for yourself, grab that coupon and get this toothbrush. You can't go wrong shopping at Target and you won't go wrong grabbing this toothbrush.

Oral health is very important

I was recently chatting with my mother about some of my memories of being in chemotherapy. And I was explaining to her that chemotherapy really messed with my mouth. Food tasted terrible and my mouth was always dry. I didn't have mouth sores like some survivors but it still wasn't a good time. I had to pay extra attention to my oral health because of my treatment. I used a special toothpaste and oral rinse. It was serious.  The habit stuck with me. I was good before breast cancer... but I'm super diligent now. This toothbrush is even more great because it has multiple speeds and one is for "sensitive" teeth. Winning! (That's what I use now)

As a survivor, I pay close attention to my body and my health is very important to me. My smile is one thing that hasn't changed much since my diagnosis. I love smiling because it reminds me that I am here, I'm alive and life is good. Why wouldn't I want to take care of that?

3 reasons why you should get this toothbrush

  • The Oral B Pro-Health 3000 will help make sure your holiday smile is beautiful, thanks to the angle of the bristles. Ensures a deep clean which becomes a beautiful, bright smile. 
  • The cross-action bristles are designed to get deep between your teeth for a better clean all year.
  • It's at TARGET! Nothing is better than finding great deals and great products at Target. 

My steps for a winning smile these days?

  1. Go to Target (or Use the coupon code above.
  2. Purchase an Oral B Pro-Health 3000 toothbrush
  3. Brush, brush and brush
  4. SMILE! 

    I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

    Dec 17, 2014

    Blogging is a business and I've been failing

    Blogging is business and I've been failing | My Fabulous Boobies

    I've been blogging for quite a few years now. I love it. I think of my blog as my business but 2014 has shown me that I pretty much suck at business.

    Yeah... I know, right? But its true. However, I am dedicated to learning and becoming better.

    Writing? Oh, I'm great at that.

    And social media? You would think it was created with me in mind.

    I can spend hours every day doing both things... and I do. But not in a productive, dedicated way.

    Truth #1: When you don't focus on your money, or your time... the lack of focus shows up in your wallet. Lack of focus means lots of air and not a lot of coins.

    I like coins. And while I enjoy air because breathing is well... pretty important... I don't like air in my bank account or my wallet. All of this air and lack of focus means that my holiday spending budget is minimal. *blink* Okay... less than minimal. Its non-existent. That gives me the sads.

    Truth #2: As I prepare for the new year, I am focusing intently on my business and learning even more about blogging than I knew was possible. 

    When you don't know what you don't know... learning is amazing and overwhelming. In the course of the past two months, I have sat on a few webinars with amazing bloggers who are like me but not like me. Like me in that they are young, black and blogging full-time. Unlike me in that, they're making a killing from this.

    Real dollars.

    Spendable coins.

    They LOVE what they do and they handle their blogs (their businesses) well. They are actually adding great value to the world. So that got me to thinking... I love what I do. I add value to the world. But I'm not making the income that I should be. That MUST change. I'm plotting new things and that will be reflected in how the posts look and what I post about.

    I am still a breast cancer blogger. I will always be a breast cancer blogger. But I am also a lifestyle blogger... and what that means is that my blog will become more about the lifestyle of a single gal, breast cancer survivor and not solely focused on the disease. The ambiguity of who I am as a blogger has led to my stalling as a business.

    Truth #3: The lack of clarity about who I am as a blogger and a businesswoman has led me to a dead end.

    Breast cancer is a devastating disease. It affects you physically, emotionally and financially. I have finally given myself permission to resume my life and to go for my dreams. In the new year, I'm going to detail the steps I've taken to move from feeling sorry for myself and guilty about surviving breast cancer... to being a dynamic speaker, author and profitable blogger.

    * Y'all see me speaking it into existence?! Yaaaaassss honey! *

    Thinking about how much I'm not able to spend at Christmas got me thinking about all the ways I've been failing at blogging. Blogging does not have to be about money for everyone but for me, it is a failure to put myself out there as a full-time blogger and not bring in full-time money. The change is underway and already I've been seeing results from my work. 

    Truth #4: Panicking over finances, anxiety attacks that render me immobile and unable to fulfill my obligations, sustaining fears over things I cannot control while abdicating my responsibility over the things that I can control... has to stop.

    The recent suicide of a businesswoman whose products I use and love hurt my feelings. While I don't know what led to her death, I do know that depression is real and I have been depressed and suicidal. I refuse to go back there and I refuse to over-think this blogging business.

    I can do this. I can. It is time for me to put some wins on the board and coins in my purse.

    I am not huge on over-spending at Christmas. But next year, I want to be able to do more than this year. What about you? How are you doing this holiday season?

    PS. I do plan to Amazon my way through the next week or so. They are soooo amazing with their ability to get packages to their destination super-fast during the holiday. And I have run across a few last minute gift ideas that I would really love to have. Wait until you see my last minute gift list. It is a hoot!!

    Dec 16, 2014

    Words mean things...

    Words mean things...Buckwheat is a racial slur | Yes, We Rise

    How a racial slur changed my perspective

    Sticks and stones may break my bones
    But words will never hurt me...

    I grew up sing-songing those words all the time. I don't remember who taught them to me but my guess is that they were to serve as a way for me to feel protected from people who tried to hurt me with words. I'll be honest, it rarely worked. Well,  it worked enough to keep whomever from knowing that they had gotten under my skin... but it didn't really stop the pain that the words inflicted on my spirit. I was a very sensitive child. I grew into a sensitive and sometimes empathetic adult.

    ...but words will never hurt me. 

    I've said those words so many times on so many occasions with the same results. Just enough strength and courage to get through whatever horrible moment I was in. Of course as I grew up and matured, reciting nursery rhymes wasn't a useful skill. I stopped singing to myself and to others. I believed I was strong enough to endure whatever was slung my way.

    Growing up just outside of Washington, DC I was accustomed to seeing diverse people around me. My neighborhood was mixed, though primarily black. I went to school that was predominately black students but there were quite a few white students as well as teachers. My world was mixed but I was part of the majority that I saw. I knew about racism but I can't say that I ever experienced it growing up.

    My parents are both from much farther south and because they were teens and young adults throughout the civil rights era, I grew up discussing race and politics at home. I knew that where they grew up, it wasn't unusual for someone to hurl a racial slur at a black person. I also knew that the proper response to the slur was to ignore it and continue on your way. No backtalk. No sass mouth. We'd come a long way, but there were real repercussions for being too smart-mouthed. Besides, the proof was in the showing. The best way to teach someone that you weren't a n*gger was not to behave like one. So I never did.

    ...but words will never hurt me.

    I got to college just as the apartheid movement was reaching epic proportions around the globe. Protesting South African apartheid was as close to a civil rights protest as I would get and I, like most of my peers, was excited to share my energy and passion for the movement. In the 80's, even our music was political and radical at times. Public Enemy, KRS-One and many others, used their musical platforms to educate us about systemic racism in the US and in SA. I knew that racism was wrong. I thought I understood what it meant for someone to see you as less than; to deny you opportunities just because of the color of your skin.

    And then one day someone called me a racial slur on my job.

    ...but words... 

    Now, by the time this incident happened... I had a major interest in learning all that I could about African-American history, slavery, Jim Crow, racism... all of it. I still have this same interest. I've read so many books and watched many films that relate to the black experience in America. I do it purely because I find it all fascinating and I always want to know more. When I got to college I realized that what I had been taught in high school was pretty much nothing. And even with the personal stories and anecdotes that my parents and grandparents shared with me, I had barely scratched the surface of understanding just how crazy and twisted our American culture was when it came to race.

    I studied political science in college primarily because I felt that the best way to dismantle the racist system was to understand it and work from within to make changes. Politics fascinated me because I was patriotic enough to find inspiration and motivation from the words of the Founding Fathers... yet I was becoming rebellious enough to see how wrong the nation had done us for so long and I wanted to see change. I struggled to find a way to keep both mindsets going at the same time.

    How do you love a country because of its ideals when you see and hear the ways that it regularly and purposefully denies so many citizens of their right to achieve those ideals? I still don't have an answer to that.

    So, there I was... one sunny day in 1997. It was late in the year and I felt good about myself. I had a job that I loved in my field, working with people who seemed absolutely great. The office was a mixing bowl of diversity and that made me feel good. I had two wonderful managers and I was learning so much. I felt like I was on my way.

    Over one weekend, I had gotten extremely frustrated with my hairdresser and marched into the barbershop that was on the corner by my apartment building. I sat in the first available chair and asked the barber to cut it all off. In hindsight, it probably wasn't the most well thought out plan but I was tired of the hassle of going to the salon. I walked into my office that Monday feeling cute. I liked my short natural hair. It framed my face well and I felt really pretty.

    I wore a bright orange shirt that day with a coordinating scarf around my neck. A shirt that I'd worn many times before, with the same scarf. I liked the color on my skin. While sitting at my desk chatting with a few co-workers, one of the senior vice presidents of the company walked by. A nice older white lady, she had (I thought) taken a liking to me. She had offered me advice on different occasions; advice on things like where I should move (so that I could be taken more seriously), how to wear my nails, when to speak up in meetings, etc. Little things that I took to heart because I felt that they came from a good place. As she joined in the conversation with us that day, she kept looking at me with a strange squint.

    "You remind me of someone today Nicole... but I can't put my finger on it."

    I smiled. I thought that perhaps I reminded her of a friend. Suddenly she perked up... "I got it! Buckwheat! You remind me of Buckwheat."

    ...but words... 

    All of the chatter in the hallway ceased for a moment. No one said a word. She repeated it. Several times. She smiled, she laughed slightly. Yes... I reminded her of Buckwheat. I heard the chuckles... I could only blink.

    Words mean things...Buckwheat is a racial slur | Yes, We Rise

    The only thing different about me that day from every other day that I worked in that office was that I cut my hair and was no longer wearing it in a straightened, relaxed style.

    I couldn't speak. I couldn't move for a few moments. It became an out of body experience. This was Kathy. My friend; I thought. I could hear laughter but it was like I was under water for awhile. I could hear things but it was all muffled; I could see people but they seemed blurry. I was hurt. I was deeply hurt.

    One of my managers came out of his office when he heard the laughter and wanted to know what was going on. I mumbled that Kathy had just said that I looked like Buckwheat and I looked at my hands. I couldn't look him in the eye. I couldn't look at anyone. I was barely holding back the tears.

    ...but words... 

    The rest of the day was a blur honestly. All I kept hearing in my head was "you look like Buckwheat" and the laughter of all of my peers. I was sick to my stomach the rest of the day. When I got home and called my mother to tell her what happened (and to ask her what to do, since she worked in HR at her job)...she was so matter-of-fact in her response.

    "So no one's ever called you a n*gger to your face before?"

    I just burst into tears.

    No. No one had ever called me anything like that before. I never even considered it as a possibility. I mean, I'm a cute girl. I'm nice. I'm well spoken. I'm smart. I'm educated. Nothing about me says Buckwheat. Nothing in my spirit identified with being called a n*gger. That wasn't who I was. I was stuck that someone who I had trusted until that moment had revealed to me that to her, I was a little pickaninny. A caricature of blackness.

    I think my mother's advice was for me to ignore it. To accept that some white people would always look at me and see that even though most would never tell me. I had to remember the pain of that moment so that I was never caught off guard that way again. I chose to go a step further. I wanted to try to regain some of my professionalism that I felt was eroded in the moment. I wrote a memo to HR and explained what happened and why I was offended at the slur. I asked for diversity training for the entire office. My rationale was that if a "slip of the tongue" like that happened with one of the company's clients, it would be a problem. (It had not hit me yet that it would have never happened because she saw ME as a pickaninny not the other black executives that worked for the businesses that we served) And finally, I asked that a notation was put in her file about the incident.

    You know what happened?

    I was chastised for being overly sensitive. I was told that there was no way that Kathy could have meant what she said as an insult or a racial slur. And I was forced to apologize to Kathy for even complaining about the incident.

    ...but words... 

    I sat in Kathy's office that day with giant crocodile tears in my eyes. I was humiliated. I was heart broken. I was confused. I also realized that Kathy wasn't the only one in that office who looked at me and saw a caricature. I quit a few weeks later.

    Now, my story of being called out of my name isn't as horrible as some other people's. But its mine. And I'm sharing it because a high school basketball coach in Texas recently called one of his female players Buckwheat.

    See: Basketball coach calls black player ‘Buckwheat,’ says he was unaware of ‘racial context’

    Words mean things...Buckwheat is a racial slur | Yes, We Rise

    The coach says that he was unaware of the racial context of calling someone black Buckwheat. It reminded me so clearly of the day that I was talking to HR and then talking to Kathy about her calling me a racial slur... while she explained to me that Buckwheat was an endearing character from her childhood.

    Lemme go on now (20 years later) and call bullshyt on that. The Little Rascals aired in the 1930's and 1940's. Even in 1997 when this incident occurred, Buckwheat had been a source of controversy because Eddie Murphy had become quite popular with a recurring skit on Saturday Night Live of the character. And... even if Buckwheat was endearing to her, Buckwheat was a boy. There is nothing about me that should give anyone any idea that I am a boy or boy-like. So... side eye on that. 

    Nearly 20 years later I still feel shame about that incident. I wonder if I did the right thing in my reaction. I wonder if I should have just ignored it. I often regret quitting that job. Outside of that incident, it was a great position for me. But in my heart, I couldn't stay where my complaints about someone's language towards me were so easily dismissed. As I stated earlier, I am a very sensitive person. Sometimes that's not a good thing. In this case... I dunno. Perhaps I should have taken my mother's advice and ignored it.

    ...but words...will never hurt me.

    I've never worn my hair in a relaxed style again. I've been natural for almost 20 years now. I didn't do it as some sort of political statement then.  I don't continue doing it now for any political statement either. I wear my hair this way because this is the way that it grows out of my scalp. I should be allowed to be me and still be considered just as talented, just as gifted and just as professional as I would be if I chose to wear it straight and flowing.

    Kathy's words hurt me. Deeply. I've never really gotten over the fact that I misjudged someone at work so drastically. I've also never really trusted anyone I worked with again. I don't think that all people look at me and think of that character. I am, however, always cognizant that some folks refuse to move forward in their thinking and their language. But that can't be the excuse for hurting someone with racial slurs anymore. If ignorance of the law doesn't excuse you from being charged with a crime... then ignorance of the pain behind racially insensitive language shouldn't excuse you either. Everyone isn't as sensitive as I am. However, when in doubt... just don't say it. Name calling isn't useful and racial slurs are never acceptable.

    Buckwheat is a slur when directed at a black person. It is not acceptable. Period. I hope and pray that the student who was shamed by her coach finds support to help her get beyond this moment.

    To learn more about Buckwheat and pickaninnies read:

      The picaninny caricature | Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia

    Dec 3, 2014

    Nic Nac's Holiday Playlist

    Need a little holiday cheer? 

    This playlist gets me totally into the holiday spirit. Sharing so you can have some cheer too!!

    Dec 2, 2014

    Winter Warmth | Holiday Gift Guide 2014

    Winter warmth Holiday Gift Guide 2014 | My Fabulous Boobies

    Looking stylish while keeping warm is always my goal. Just a few items that caught my eye (and my heart)...

    Long Red Italian Leather Gloves, silk-lined. 8-button

    $135 Solo Classe Opera length leather gloves

    Ellen Tracy Faux Fur Trim Cape


    Vince Camuto Faris Quilted Boots

    $269 Vince Camuto boots

    Hand Crocheted Chunky Urban Bohemian Scarf With Juniper Tree Buttons

    $65 ETSY.COM

    Coach Signature Flat Zip Red Leather Wristlet Case

    $83 Coach red wristlet

    **Every item on this list is one that I chose personally.  I was not compensated to include these items in the gift guide. Some of the links are affiliate links which will pay be a small fee if you make a purchase through them. 

    TV & Movie Lover | Holiday Gift Guide 2014

    As an avid tv watcher, I think that being able to watch my favorite shows at any point is always a good thing. This set gives you options to watch programs at home and on the go. I'm also a bit of a trekkie... and DS9 was my favorite series. 

    Roku TV 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

    $329  Roku TV 40-inch Smart LED

    • So many people are cutting the cable television cord. And Roku is one way to get streaming tv and movies on your television without a cable subscription. Roku TV seems like the best of all worlds.

    Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

    $32 Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming media player

    • Another way to stream media into your home television without a cable subscription... Chromecast. Just plug and go! Easy peasy... 

    Kindle Fire HDX 7" 

    $65 Kindle Fire 7"

    • I don't know about you, but when I'm on the move, sometimes I want to be able to catch up on my shows that I may have missed when I'm waiting in line (like at the oncologist's office). Kindle Fire lets you do that. With your handy Netflix subscription (see below) you can pop on a movie... and just be entertained for a couple of hours. You can also catch up on your reading list with this flexible e-reader.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

    $180 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

    • And... the Galaxy Tab is another way to take your show on the road. *ba-dum-ba!* You can do a lot with a Tab. I love Samsung products... and a Tab has been on my wishlist for awhile. 

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine

    $279 Star Trek DS9

    • Betcha didn't know your favorite breast cancer blogger was a Trekkie, didya? I am. Deep Space Nine (with Avery Brooks) was one of the best shows on television. In my humble opinion, of course. Though I didn't include a portable dvd player on this list, I will tell you that my portable dvd player helped me immensely in chemo. Grab a couple of dvd's and when you find yourself sitting still for awhile... pop in a dvd and catch up on the happenings at DS9. 

    Netflix Kindle Fire v1

    Netflix for your Kindle

    • Now, this is a freebie! The application is a free download for your Kindle or Android device. Just download to your device and always have access to tv shows and movies that you love.

    **Every item on this list is one that I chose personally. I was not compensated to include these items in the gift guide. Some of the links are affiliate links which will pay me a small fee if you make a purchase through them.

    Jewelry Joys | Holiday Gift Guide 2014

    PANDORA Breast Cancer Awareness Charm Bracelet Set

    • I saw this bracelet on Nordstrom's site and thought it was adorable. The leather bracelet is discontinued on the Pandora site, but you should be able to still purchase this at Nordstrom. I don't think that any money from this purchase will be donated to charity. But I do still like the bracelet. 

    Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf Band Ring

    • I don't often shop at Tiffany's but the classic blue box under the tree makes every girl's heart melt. I love the simplicity of this ring. 

    MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Amy' Crystal Bracelet Watch

    • Thanks to my lymphedema I can no longer wear watches. But... my love for a pretty, feminine dress watch continues. I love this pink watch.

    PANDORA 'Love & Family' Charm

    • My honey got me a Pandora bracelet for our anniversary and I am really looking forward to collecting charms for it. Love and family are so important to me. Perhaps they are important to a special lady on your Christmas list.

    Pave Square Stud Earrings

    • I am a lover of simple statement earrings. But I'm also pretty clutzy sometimes. I like the look of fabulous without the price. So, most of my earrings are fakes (shhhh... its my secret) because I'm prone to lose things. These fabulous cubic zirconia earrings are the perfect simple accent to a fresh face and can go easily from the mall to the holiday party with no problem.