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Getting back on track with Solis Nutritional Blends

Getting back on track with Solis Nutritional Blends | My Fabulous Boobies

*Disclosure: I received a sample of the products to test for my review. The thoughts and opinions in this article are my own. This post contains affiliate links and will earn a commission if you use them to make a purchase.*

The confession:

You ever just feel icky? Out of sorts? Just generally blah? *deep sigh* I feel this way a little too often I think.

Follow the money in healthcare

Follow the money in healthcare | My Fabulous Boobies

I stumbled across an article from last year about a federal drug program that is being discussed heavily in the medical community. The program, 340B, requires pharmaceutical companies to provide cheaply discounted drugs to certain hospitals so that the medication can be provided to low-income patients.
See: Primer: Understanding the 340B Drug Pricing Program
See: The Coming Storm Over The 340B Rx Drug Discount Program
See: 340B Drug Pricing Program: Serving Vulnerable Patients or Enriching Hospitals?

Breast cancer funding... who thinks about survivors?

Video chats with Nic

I've decided to start doing regular youtube videos for the blog. For me, it is a chance to branch out into a different type of media and also a way for me to connect with folks who may not want to read a long post but would be willing to watch a video.

Possible fertility hope for breast cancer patients

Young women diagnosed with breast cancer face issues with fertility

I have mentioned that chemotherapy for my breast cancer took pushed me into early menopause; effectively ending my fertility. It happens to a lot of younger women with breast cancer. That's an awful choice to be faced with; chemotherapy to save your own life, or treatment without it to preserve your fertility.

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